Beyond Baylayage – What’s the next big blonding trend?

Jul 30, 2022

Baylayage. Babylights. Foilyage. Now what? What is the newest technique to hit America that has everyone rushing to learn and offer to their clients? It’s Airtouch. A Russian highlighting technique that provides a gorgeous blended and seamless blonde. Something that has all of us colorists saying” It makes so much sense why didn’t I think of that!”, Airtouch essentially creates its blend by using “Air” from your blow-dryer to blow out new growth allowing for a much more natural blend that grows out beautifully. The originator of the method, colorist Vladimir Sarbashev, created this in place of the normal backcombing or teasing often used to achieve lived in or softer pops of dimension and blonde to the hair. 

Why we love this trend? The technique itself is so versatile. When used in the original way you get a seamless yet impactful blonde. The grow out is sustainable, and clients often go months between sessions. Which helps because it is a time-consuming process that will have you in the salon a minimum of 3 hours! But with far less visits the time spent (as well as the cost) is well worth it! For our girls on the go who don’t necessarily have the time or budget to go for the original Airtouch method you’re in luck, many have adapted and have begun incorporating it into other techniques to get softer grow out with so many other techniques. Searching for through the #airtouchtechnique you’ll see some gorgeous finished results and perhaps you’ll be the next babe jumping on the Airtouch trend! Want to learn more? Reach out to your stylist to setup a virtual consultation here!

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