Brow Lamination: All the Info

Apr 1, 2021

From quick fixes to permanent solutions for brow lamination…we all know the fluffy brow trend is here to stay. For anyone looking for this latest craze with long lasting/maximum results, look no further but the brow lamination. We’ve tried several different brands and finally fell in love with one that has eliminated the fear of over processing by providing a unique Keratin coating which strengthens, protects and seals internal hydration. 

This revolutionary technique only takes about 45 minutes in the salon with no additional after care… 

It breaks down into 2 parts: The 1st step is a thioglycolate system that is heat activated and CANNOT be over processed due to the added hydrating agents, such as Hyaluronic Acid, to ensure balance throughout the entire process. 

Step 1.5/2 is all about bonding and perfecting to rebuild 3x’s stronger the damage and broken bonds during the treatment maintaining the integrity of the lash/brow hair. Making lashes and brows stronger, shinier and healthier long term. 

So if full no maintenance brows are what you are after this is the service for you! Contact Us today to book your consultation for brow lamination!

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