All About Balayage

Dec 22, 2020

What is Balayage?

Hard to pronounce for most, Balayage pronounced BAH-LEE-AGHE has been a trend that over the past decade has gained a lot of popularity but it’s actually been around for years. In French, Balayage means to “sweep” or paint. A technique used to apply lightener on the surface of the hair to create dimension and a sunkissed look.

What is the difference between Balayage and traditional foil work? A lot. First, the type of lightener used is a clay based one. This varies from traditional lightener in a few ways. It is applied thicker to sit on the surface of the hair while lifting and need air to process. Traditional lighteners are applied using a foil or other incubators to help seal in heat and process. Second, clay based lighteners are gentler and only lift about 3 levels while traditional lighters can lift between 3-7 levels depending on the brand. Lastly, Balayage is more about technique and used to create various looks but is designed to give a softer more organic finish as opposed to stronger brighter pops that foil techniques can give.

So which is best for you… Balayage or Foils? This will depend on two things – what your hair looks like currently and what looks you are trying to ultimately achieve. Balayage works best for people who want a softer look and like natural warm tones in the hair. Clients who like little maintenance and want more of a “just spent my vacation at the beach all week” look. Still not sure? Schedule a consultation with one of our stylists to discuss your hair goals and which technique is best for you!


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