Let’s talk Hair Extensions

Mar 8, 2021

When people think extensions a million things probably go through their
minds, as there are so many different methods, types, and purposes.
First, extensions are not only for length. Majority of our clients have
extensions to add fullness to finer hair or to fill out their front hair line. Ever
see a perfect bob and wonder how it looks so full and textured?

Second, there are so many different methods and even types of
extensions. From I-tips, to tape-ins, to hand tied wefts. So no matter your
needs or hair type there is a method for you.

At, LAB Salon we offer Hand Tied hair extensions, which tend to be a good
option for majority of our clients. We are certified in a few different beaded
row methods so no matter the needs we can offer you a solution.
We get so many questions pertaining to hair extensions, so we wanted to
answer a few of the most common ones for you.

How long do they last? This has two answers…. First the hair itself if
properly taken care of can last up to a year while each install lasts about 7-
8 weeks on average. We have clients who like their extensions taken out
and moved up every 6 weeks while others due to their hair type can go 10
weeks. So we always give the average of about 8 weeks between

How much do they cost? This is also another one that has more than one
answer… Some salons will charge you for the hair and installs in one
package. We like to give pricing options separate for the hair so you know
what your yearly cost will look like as well as your install appointments
every 2 months. We discuss all of this in a consultation which is required
prior to ordering and booking your extension appointment.

We also custom color the hair so no matter your look they will blend and
provide you with brand recommendations to help preserve your hair
extensions as well as your own hair! Interested in Hair Extensions? Setup a
consultation with one of our certified Stylist!

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