When are salons opening in PA

May 15, 2020

 This is the question salon owners have been getting almost daily since first being asked to close back on March 16th. However there really is not an answer, at least not yet. We have officially as of today May 15th, entered the yellow phase of reopening and while this is great news there has been a lot of confusion around who gets to open and how. Yellow phase has allowed several businesses that can operate while also practicing within CDC guidelines are opening back up at minimum capacities. Take for instance, Vintage Grace Boutique an extremely popular women’s clothing store that has 3 locations in two different counties.  They are opening but its not back to business as usual. VGB will be implementing new safety measures for shoppers such as only 5 people allowed at a time in the boutique and no more than 5 items per customer can be tried on thus allowing better control to sanitize and clean after each person.

The businesses that deem too much of a risk are staying closed for now and no clear timeframe for the green phase has been mentioned nor were the criteria needed to move to green. Unfortunately, in PA salons remain on the list of businesses reopening only in the green phase. The issue has been a divided one as many feel they should be given the chance to open as they can provide a safe and controlled environment while others argue there just isn’t a safe way to operate. No matter, what side of the argument you fall on we all can agree that we look forward to a time when we can resume life as normal.

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